• Faster the Chase
  • Underdose
  • Firefly
  • Neptune
  • Crushed Like Fruit
  • So You Know
  • Safe in a Room
  • White Butterfly
  • 7 Weeks
  • Otherside
  • Lava Twilight
  • You'll Get There
  • Just a Glimpse
  • Mosaic
  • Chamber
  • Nova Armada
  • Parting Gift
  • This Town
  • Natural
  • Wounds
  • Myths & Photographs
  • Energy
  • Ice Warm
  • I Won't Let Go
  • A World Apart
  • Almost Lost
  • Cracking The Whip
  • Trenches
  • Far-Reaching
  • Turbulence
  • In Loving Memory
  • Daydream Anonymous
  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • Thanks For Leaving Me
  • Here's hoping
  • Single Of The Weak
  • Soldier
  • Belief Revival
  • 2nd Jonquil
  • You Won't Hear From Me Again
  • Captain Killjoy
  • I Will Honour You
  • The Art Of Moderation
  • Ferocity In Desire
  • Her Mask
  • Her Mask (P.A.)
  • Happy To Disappoint You
  • Reverie Shores
  • A Mouthful Of Loose Teeth
  • Raindrops On Stones

There is still shards in the road
Shackled wooden windows
The hero to the cell, he doesn't look to well

A cardio, love send face down in the dirt
Make shift, I don't, I don't obey, I don't follow you
Or anyone else for that matter

You don't understand 'cause you are not a strong man
It doesn't mean a thing and I don't need your help
I got this far all by myself and I've given everything

Myths, photographs

Purple skies and red clouds, buttercup and fire
The chalice from which you drink
It doesn't help you to think

I reckon so, I know so, a taste
Now 24, lost sleep, gone
Ethereal, an astronaut's mentality
Self righteous vitality

And now I know why I had so much doubt in myself
You pick me up, dust me off and put me back on the shelf
You're about as hopeful as a cyanide pill
It's always pretty scary when you're not quite at the top of the hill

Take a cheap shot 'cause I don't give a shit
This band of brothers capsizes and rolls round with it
Reclaiming the shadows that we cast
Kick starts this beast real fast

I've got nothing to say, you never knew me anyway
You are treachery to yourself
Listen closely to this, the point you will still miss
You'll think about how it affects you

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